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Lake Guerlédan,

Close to the Abbe of Bon Repos a beautiful place for a picnic with a small bar should you wish a cool refreshing drink. The Abbe hosts a son et lumiere in early August starting at about 9.30pm. The lake offers many activities related to water sports including fishing, boating and swimming. Depending on where you approach it you will find a good selection of restaurants, the Beau Rivage, la Sourdan which also serves a very reasonably priced Sunday lunch with glorious views from the terrace across the lake.


Those who enjoy golf will find a 9 hole course at Golf De Rimaison  situated on the D156 at the junction with the D188 between St Nicolas Des Eaux and Pontivy.

Haras du pin Rostrenen Yes the town has its own race track. The atmosphere is fantastic! While parents watch the racing, entertainment for the kids is free (except for the sweet stall) even the parking is free. It is a good few hours entertainment if you don't want to bet on the horses, you can just soak up the atmosphere. It isn't expensive to get into the course at 6 euros per adult, and free for children under 14.

Concarneau, in "la Baie de la Forêt"

Concarneau, in "la Baie de la Forêt", is both the third largest fishing port in France and a large yachting center. Its "Ville Close", the old fortified town, is one of the most visited places in Brittany. Beautiful beaches and activities all year round.


The old town and its walls. Fishing Museum. "Marinarium". Fish Museum. The fishing harbour and the fish auction. Le Cabellou. Guided visits of the walled town and fishing harbour in summer on request.


International folk festival (first week in August). Exhibition of nautical books (July). Gathering of "old gaffers" (around 14th July). "Filets Bleus" (folk festival, 2nd last Sunday in August and all the previous week). Numerous shows, fair and "festou-noz". Lively arts scene, exhibitions, retrospectives and galleries open all year long. Town situated on the "Route des Peintres" (Painters'Trail).

Chapelle Ste. Barbe

A visit to the Chapelle Ste. Barbe at La Faouet is a real must.


A coastal resort accessible from the Lorient to Quimper main road (Kerampaou exit), Trégunc has 23 km of fine sandy beaches which offer peace and quiet, rocky headlands, creeks and a charming small harbour, Trévignon.


Kervern and St-Philibert chapels. Many standing stones, menhirs and dolmens. Beautiful fountains. Trévignon headland and the conservancy area costal ponds and lakes. "La Maison du Littoral" (summer season opening).


"Pardon" of St-Marc (religious procession) (last Sunday in April). "Fête de la St-Jean" (Saturday before St-John's Day). Religious procession of Kerven (1st Sunday in July). "Fête de la Mer" and firework display in Trévignon (July 14th). Mi-août Breton cycle race (beginning of August). "Pardon" of St-Philibert (last Sunday in August). National tennis tournament.

Fouesnant - Les Glénan

Fouesnant, Beg-Meil, Cap-Coz and Mousterlin : 50 km of footpaths, 17 km of white sandy beaches, sunken ways, superb guided visits to sites of natural beauty. "Les Balnéïdes" aquatic center. This marriage of sea and countryside goes to make up Fouesnant - Les Glénan, the ideal holiday spot, so well sheltered in "La Baie de la Forêt". Excursions to the Glénan Islands.


Chapels of Ste-Annne, St-Sébastien, St-Guénolé, the Romanesque church of St-Pierre. Kerbader natural site. Penfoulic wood. Mousterlin marshes. The "Mer Blanche" chain of sand dunes.


"Fête des Pommiers" (3rd Sunday in July). Cider competition. "Pardon" of Ste-Anne (religious procession) (1st Sunday after 26th July). "Fête de la Mer" (1st Sunday in August). "Pardon" of Kerbader (last Sunday in August). "Pardon" of the Glénan (1st Sunday in September). Free street concerts. Drawing and painting courses. Exhibition of nine Breton painters.

La Forêt-Fouesnant

Facing south at the end of a deep bay between the Pointe de Beg-Meil and Concarneau. La Forêt-Fouesnant has green and wooded surroundings, and being sheltered from the strong winds, has a particularly mild climate. It is an ideal place for those who like to alternate relaxing with sporting activities, and to combine the charms of the countryside with the pleasures of the sea.


The Ruins of the Loc-Amand Abbey. Cairn of St-Laurent. XVIth-century church and calvary. The marina : 1000 berths. 40 km of signposted pathways.


"Fête de la Marée Haute". "Fête du Vieux Port" : fore-rigged boats. The cider night. Weekly folk and musical evenings.

Trips to make.

Take a day out of your holiday to explore the Pink granite coast drive to Les Rosaires or Binic then meander along the north coast stopping off to visit the bays and coves en route ending up at Paimpol for dinner.

Visit the Gorges Toull Goulic on the D87 to experience the charm and wonder of the area. Here you can easily imagine Merlin weaving his magic amongst the trees.




Abbe de Beauport on the north coast discover it as you drive along the pink granite coastal route

Abbe de Beauport





International folk festival

Exhibition of nautical books

Gathering of "old gaffers

"Pardon" of St-Marc

Fête de la St-Jean

Religious procession of Kerven

Fête de la Mer

Mi-août Breton cycle race

"Pardon" of St-Philibert

National tennis tournament

Fête des Pommiers (Cider competition)

"Pardon" of Ste-Anne

"Pardon" of Kerbader

"Pardon" of the Glénan

Free street concerts

Fête de la Marée Haute

Fête du Vieux Port

In the region of

Rostrenen - the heart of Brittany on the  Côtes-d'Armor Brittany, France.

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